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Japanese Conned into Buying Sheep as Poodles

Thousands of people have been ‘fleeced’ into buying neatly coiffured lambs they thought were poodles. Entire flocks of lambs were shipped over from the UK and Australia to Japan by an internet company and marketed as the latest ‘must have’ … Continue reading


I love the Dallas Cowboys

But not as much as this guy.

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Bible knowledge frees defendant

Eric Hine is a free man today because of his Biblical knowledge. Hine, 43, of Corryville, was in court today charged with receiving stolen property. When he appeared this morning before Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge John Burlew, Hine’s attorney … Continue reading

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Man on elephant attacked by tiger


And I thought I had a dull blog

But no, this is the dullest blog in the world.

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If you are in need of an alarm clock

You may find this online version handy.

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The hagfish is pretty darn slimy

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This is not an animated picture

Click to enlarge.