That Was Unexpected

March 10, 2007 5:55 AM CST, 9:55 Hong Kong Time
About to leave Hong Kong International Airport

As we show our boarding passes, the United representative told us we were upgraded to business class free of charge. When we asked how this happened, she tells us she doesn’t know and it’s just what the system is telling her. Talk about our lucky day!  International business class is totally different than domestic business class from what we were about to discover.

As we walk on board a male Asian flight attendant asks what’s in the nice wooden box, and I mention that it’s my mom’s remains and I’m taking her home to Vietnam. He suddenly gives me his full attention, and with his hands pressed together in front of his chest, bows respectfully. That was very moving. As we walk to our seats, which are probably only 10 feet from where we walked in, we just cannot believe the amount of space we now have to ourselves. The chairs are leather, adjustable in many different positions and can recline fully, and we have our own video monitor to watch TV or use the flight locator information anytime we want to. I also found a personal sky phone attached to my seat, but the $10 a minute charge is something I don’t want to pay.




As we start to store our carry-ons the flight attendants actually help us and then serve us complimentary champagne. Another flight attendant asks what’s in the box, and after I tell her she responds, “Would you like your Mom to fly home in first class for her last trip home?” I was stunned by the generous offer and took her up one it.


The rest of the two hour flight was fantastic. After “suffering” in coach for 17 hours, this life of luxury is something else. Hot towels, table clothes, cloth napkins, real silverware, and more food than you can eat. But once again, no iced-tea, but I’m not complaining.



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4 Responses to That Was Unexpected

  1. I spent 4 hours the last plane ride I was on crammed ito t seat with a kid kicking the back of the seat and crying most of the way.

    I couldn't even imagine this.

  2. HOw wonderful that you were upgraded! I was moved to tears when the flight attendant asked you if your mother would like to take her last trip home first class.

  3. Victor says:

    The respect that flight crew showed is like nothing I’ve ever heard before, you should definitely let United know that they employ such great people. This emotional stuff is not what I’m used to here, I am looking forward to the dry off the wall humor that is usually associated with this blog.

  4. moldinasia says:


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