March 10, 2007 4:36 AM CST, 6:36 Hong Kong Time
Hong Kong International Airport

I guess when you are squeezed in like sardines, you get to know people. On this trip I met a guy who is on his way to Singapore to film a movie called Cages. His name is Bobbie Tonelli and he even has an IMDB entry. We had a real good time talking about all sorts of stuff, and even exchanged email addresses. I also decided that we needed to take a picture together so when he makes it big I can tell everyone that we once hung out together on a very very long plane ride.


I was suppose to meet up with one of my Honk Kong readers today at the airport, but we are running behind and we are experiencing a little trouble with customs regarding Mom. Hopefully I can hook up with Moldy when we are on our way home when we have a longer layover.

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