Good Evening Vietnam!!!!!!!

GeedingLog March 10, 2007
8:53 AM CST, 9:53 Vietnam Time

We land safely and are one of the first off the plane. We head to customs, and then learned just how thankful we were to get off the plane so quickly because the line just got very very long behind us. After customs we head down to pick up our baggage, and l learn that the mens restroom at the airport doesn’t have doors. I guess that’s what you call an open door policy. Thank you, thank, you, I’ll be here all week, literally.


After luggage pickup we head to the second area of customs were you are asked if you have anything to declare and all that kind of stuff. That’s where we had a little trouble getting Mom through, but then after that comes a moment I will never forget. Right after that second customs area is the exit of the airport where a huge crowd of people awaits, and I mean a HUGE crowd with music blaring and people yelling.  I thought to myself, “This is what is must feel like to be Bono.”



But as we exit the airport, right there in the front of the crowd, I spot my uncle and he’s waving as noticeably as he can with a huge smile on his face. Next to him is his wife (Mom’s sister) and she’s crying along with several other family members. As we approach them the rush towards us. I’m in the back pushing the luggage cart, but I can see my Aunt immediate go hug my sister, her daughter. If you recall, my sister is really their daughter, but my folks adopted her back in 1994. Wow, the emotion of seeing a child reunited with parents who haven’t seen each other in over ten years. My sister was carrying Mom, and immediately I see my aunt grab a hold of Mom’s remains and just start breaking down. I also recall seeing my entire Vietnamese family embracing WifeGeeding and crying uncontrollably, accepting her as one of their own. WifeGeeding also starts to break down. Man, I should have video recorded this event rather than snap a few pics.




Then it was my turn, the family turned to me and it was the first time in all my life I felt totally accepted for just being myself. Family I have only seen in pictures are hugging and crying on me. I really don’t have the words to respectfully describe this experience, I can just tell you I knew without a doubt this is where I needed to be, and there was no place on Earth I would rather be.

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