The Poor Kid Fell For It – The Worst Part . . . It’s Publicised

story.jpegLike a scene from the movie “A Christmas Story,” police had to free a boy who got his tongue stuck to a metal stop sign, Lt. William H. Graham said Wednesday.

Whether anyone uttered the infamous “triple-dog dare” that goaded the movie’s Flick into sticking his tongue to a pole is unclear, but police said the boy was surrounded by a group of kids when his tongue froze to the sign in 9-degree weather. The group said the boy was “talking smart,” Graham said.

Officer Daniel Baumann was the first to arrive at Carroll and Barstow streets at 7:24 p.m. Tuesday, but he had to wait for Officer Raymond Fuerstenberg to show up a short time later with a bottle of water. Baumann poured the water on the boy’s tongue and on the sign and then the boy pulled his tongue away. “He lost some skin from his tongue on the stop sign,” Graham said.


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