Some Men Really Want To Control The Remote

MOSCOW (Reuters Life!) – A Russian confessed to police he killed his grandmother because they could not agree on what program to watch on television, prosecutors said on Friday.

Arguments over who controls the television remote are familiar to most families. The suspect, from Russia’s Karelia region near Finland, took things to extremes by stabbing and bludgeoning to death his 81-year-old grandmother.

“When he started to testify to police, he said he killed her because they could not agree on what TV program they wanted to watch,” said Tatyana Kordyukova, a spokeswoman for the Karelia prosecutor’s office.

She said the man was drunk at the time. “He could not remember exactly what it was he wanted to watch.”

Police were called to the family’s apartment and found the woman’s body. Her grandson had fled but he was caught later and is now in prison awaiting trial.


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