Passion Can Conquer An Iron Lung For This Lawyer


Paul Alexander contracted polio about the same time Dr. Jonas Salk tested the vaccine. 

At age six he was placed in an iron lung.

His first and best accomplishment is learning to breath.

Despite all this, he finished second in his high school class and eventually graduated from UT law school.

Today he’s a practicing lawyer and is still living a passionate life.

Read the story here, which is much better than the video; but watch the video to get a good understanding of what he goes through every day.

[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″][/wmv]

(Thanks, Doug)

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2 Responses to Passion Can Conquer An Iron Lung For This Lawyer

  1. Doug says:

    You never have to thank me. When I see something as inspirational as this, it’s impossible for me to keep it a secret.

    One of our most gifted engineers is a quad. When I see this I have no complaints or worries in my life.

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