I can’t believe this was happening . . .

A long rant/vent about a mishap with the travel agency that booked our Vietnam trip.  Urgghhh! 


As you Last Sat Jan 20 we booked our flight to Vietnam so we can spread my mother’s ashes in her home country. It was book through a travel agency in the Vietnamese community in Haltom City. The very Vietnamese travel agent told us that we just needed to write a deposit for $300 ($100 per person), and we could pay the rest at a later date when we come in to do the work for our Visas. We never signed anything, and all we got was a hand written receipt and a printout of our flight information.

One week passes and he calls and tells us (rather forcefully) that we need to pay in full today or he will cancel the trip. We told him he didn’t tell us we had a week to pay or we would have paid in full and that nothing was in writing. He tells us we are wrong, and then we ask if we can come down Sunday since we are out of town. He says he’s closed on Sundays and Mondays, but is open on Tuesday. I ask if we can pay on Tuesday, and he states he needs the money now and then hangs up on me.

I call him back and ask him if we can get a refund, he tells me that he will refund us $75 a person. I told him I wanted a full refund, he tells me that’s bullsh*t and that I could take him to court and he hangs up on me again.

jackbauertorture.jpegWe then drive to the travel agency which takes a little over an hour.  I have to admit I didn’t have thoughts of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) but rather WWJBD (What Would Jack Bauer Do).  Man, WifeGeeding and I have been watching those DVD’s wayyy to much.

When I get there I ask for a refund. He tells me to come back Tuesday. I ask why, he says he doesn’t have the checks to write me a refund. I ask where are the checks, he tells me they are in Arlington. I ask if he owns the place, he says no. I ask who’s his boss, he tells me he’s the boss. I ask if he is the owner, he then tells me he’s the owner.

I tell him there’s nothing in writing and ask if the refund policy is stated anywhere. He points to a sign, asks me if I can read it. I tell him “No, it’s written in Vietnamese.” He tells me that’s the policy, it’s hanging on the wall.  More Jack Bauer thoughts were going through me head.

About ten minutes after we leave he calls. Tells us if we want a refund, we need to write him a letter indicating we cancelled the trip and that we want a refund for $75 a person. I don’t feel comfortable writing this letter.

Today I called to try to put a stop payment on the check, but since it was already cashed there is nothing the bank can do.

I think my only option is to take him to small claims court, but I’m not even sure how to do that, especially since we are in different counties.  I’m researching.

Any suggestions?

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