John Rocker Writes Book On Immigration

SpkEngl.jpegFormer Major League Baseball pitcher John Rocker is starting a campaign to encourage English-speaking Americans to start demanding respect from legal and illegal immigrants who do not speak English.  

Rocker is also pushing for immigrants to respect the customs, heritage and culture of the United States.  

In a news release, Rocker said the “‘Speak English’ campaign is to encourage people to promote and support the sustainment of the American heritage and the American culture. This campaign is in no way intended to degrade or demean the cultures or heritages of others’ nationalities or races, but instead to bolster American nationalism and promote pride in the American culture.” To further his cause, Rocker is selling “Speak English” T-shirts on his Web site.


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One Response to John Rocker Writes Book On Immigration

  1. Doug says:

    I guess he thinks this will build a more cohesive America. I believe his attitude creates a more devisive America.

    My question to him would be “on what date did we decide everyone in the country now is American and from there forward you are an immigrant?”

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