Christian Cheerleaders of America

Did you ever think very much about C H E E R L E A D E R S?

Probably not. Just a bunch of airheads, making a lot of noise, interrupting you while you are trying to watch the game!

It is true that cheerleaders sometimes get a bad rap…… and unfortunately in today’s society, sometimes they deserve it. Some cheer teams have evolved completely away from their central purpose and have become either sex symbols or obsessed with competing. This is sad. The true purpose of cheerleading is to be a really awesome source of spirit and support and when done correctly can make a big difference in the morale, spirit and sportsmanship of a ball game. As a matter of fact, cheerleaders can ultimately change the outcome of the game as they get the crowd involved and the team pumped up so much so that they start to change the way they play!



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