Here’s an article that describes the hanging with some details that wasn’t really reported.  For instance, his last words are ‘Go to Hell.’

As they guide him towards the trap door and put the noose over his head, they start chanting religious slogans with the names of Moqtada al Sadr (the head of the Mahdi army, accused of organizing death squads against Sunnis) and Baqr al Sadr (the father-in-law of Moqtada).  Saddam, a Sunni, is outraged at this last-minute provocation,  and tells them to “go to hell.”  This is generally where the two TV stations cut the video, but on at least one occasion that we saw, Arabiya allowed the video to keep rolling: The cell phone camera is jerked down to the ground, as if the person holding it had to conceal the camera, then it is slowly raised up to Saddam again, and suddenly his body shoots down through the trapdoor. 

Interested in the video of the actual hanging?  You can watch it here.  The quality is poor and shaky, probably taken via a cell phone.  You see him drop and briefly hang with flashes from cameras.  The sound of the drop is a little disturbing.

On another note, the execution seemed a bit unprofessional, if that makes sense.  I would have expected the executioners to all be wearing some type of government/official/military uniform, or at least all of them to be dressed the same, and for their to be more lighting.  Instead, it looks like a bunch of people from the streets dressed as everyday working class citizens performing the execution in a basement.  But then again, maybe that was what they wanted.

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  1. Doug says:

    Watched a couple of times…very disturbing I believe because you know that trap door opening is the last sound that “human being” hears. Two things come to mind. One, I thought his attorney said he would go to the gallows with a smile on his face…not so. Also, they were going to give him a red card. It’s something he used to have done to people he had executed. I didn’t see that either. I thought is was very sportsy (soccer) to give someone a red card as they were about to die.

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