Nation’s largest Church of Christ adding instrumental service

The Richland Hills church in Texas — the largest of the nation’s 13,000 a cappella Churches of Christ — has decided to add an instrumental worship assembly with communion on Saturday nights.

Jon Jones, an elder and former pulpit minister at the 6,400-member church, told the congregation Dec. 3 that Richland Hills’ elders “fully and completely” endorsed the decision.


For those of you that don’t know, Church of Christ churches sing without instruments, that is, a capella.

I remember something a friend of mine said when we were college students in Abilene, which has three colleges.  One was a Baptist college (Hardin-Simmons), one was a Methodist (McMurry), and the other one was Church of Christ (Abilene Christian).  We were Hardin-Simmons students moving a piano from one part of the campus to another, when he suddenly said, “Let’s tick-off the ACU folks and dump this piano in front of their school.”  Denominational humor cracks me up.

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