Top 10 Pet Peeves in Customer Service

Read the article for the whole list, but here are some of them:

4. Why can’t you buy a nonproprietary cellphone and use it with any carrier, the way you can do with a land line?

5. How come banks immediately take money out of your account for debit- card transactions, but when it comes to depositing money it can take as long as five days for a check to clear and be posted to your account?

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3 Responses to Top 10 Pet Peeves in Customer Service

  1. uncle to niece geeding says:

    I discovered yesterday that when I issue a check with online banking, the amount is debited when they process my request. My thought is that the amount should not be debited until the recipient cashes the check.

    When I was growing up, if I made a purchase I would tell the clerk to charge it. Done deal. No cards, no accounts, no nothing except a small town and a Dad who was president of the bank!!

  2. MToots says:

    Response to UTNG: Those were the days, weren’t they?

  3. ramblingwanderer says:

    I realize it was from WSJ, but did anyone else find it ironic that a customer service pet peeve article was hosted on an AOL site?

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