God Poll

Read about it here, but below are some high-lights.  Speaking of the word “high-lights,” I can never figure out if it’s suppose to have the “gh” or should it look like “hi-lights.”

  • Is God male or female?
    The public is almost equally divided between those who think of God as male (36%) and “neither male nor female” (37%), with 10 percent saying “both male and female.” Only one percent thinks of God as a female.
  • Do Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
    About half (51%) of all adults, including a majority of Catholics (63%), believe that Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God. One-third (32%) believes they do not and 16 percent are not sure. On this question, as on the others, the views of Born Again Christians are different – a 54 percent majority believes they do not worship the same God and only 34 percent believe they do.
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