A Collection of Letters

The guy writes a bunch of letters to businesses and orgianizations, and gets all sorts of responses.  Link

For example, he writes to McDonalds asking what and who exactly is Grimace?  Link

The most interesting letter was to the Illinois Pork Producers’ Association in which he asks the question, why don’t we drink pigs milk?

Here is their response:

Porcine do lactate and their milk I will assume would taste great, because it is made of 8.5% fat in relation to the fat that makes up 3.5% of the components in cows milk. The other components such as lactose and water are found at nearly the same percentages in pig’s milk.

However, pigs will on average produce 13 lbs of milk in a day as compared to cows that produce 65 lbs of milk on average per day. Pigs unlike cows cannot become pregnant while lactating and therefore possess a severe economic problem to producers. While pigs consume less feed per day, economics does not allow pigs to be a viable source of dairy products.

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  1. clifton says:

    Not bad. The Letters from a Nut books are better, though.

    Condolences for MomGeeding and thanks for this site.

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