Winnie Cooper in Southlake

She was shooting a Lifetime movie.




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2 Responses to Winnie Cooper in Southlake

  1. Nathan says:

    at the risk of sounding like a COMPLETE snob, i have to say that your post this week about celebrity sightings in Vegas, and now this post, make me chuckle a little bit. as you know, we live in New York City, and both my wife and i see celebrities on a somewhat regular basis. we see these types of trailers with tons of frequency. one was parked outside our apartment last spring, and Matt Damon popped out. (here come a bunch more name drops). DeNiro’s, Jolie’s, and Pitt’s trailers were right around the corner. They were filming The Good Shepherd, which i think will come out this Christmastime. we met Geraldo in a diner once. i talked to Harrison Ford at a party. Had a drink with Spike Lee at the same party. and Rick Fox was there too. and Calista. let’s see… I saw Ethan Hawk about 10 times when i lived next to his building. Jimmy Falon used to be at the coffee shop i went to quite a bit. who else… we often see weird/lame celebs like Gilbert Gotfried (sp?) and the SNL cast a lot. Anderson Cooper–my wife saw him on the subway, which is rare. We watched Robin Williams film a scene with the guy from Hustle and Flow and the kid from Charlie and Chocolate Factory a few months ago. Williams was dressed like a wizard or something? we were about 10 feet away from that scene, which was fun. i met Kevin Bacon, so you can now say you’re only 2 degrees away from him, ha ha. and… i think that’s about it, other than some of the Yankees when i was an intern for their chaplain.

    thus ends the biggest name dropping in history.

    but seriously, seeing entertainers is quite common in our lives. but it’s still kinda fun too 🙂

  2. Nathan says:

    PS. I can’t believe i forgot to mention this one! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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