White Cane Safety Day, 2006

whitecane3.jpegNOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim October 15, 2006, as White Cane Safety Day. I call upon public officials, business leaders, educators, librarians, and all the people of the United States to join as we work to ensure that the benefits and privileges of life in our great Nation are available to Americans who are blind or visually impaired, and to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

This reminds me of a time we were in Sunday school and we left the door open.  A legally blind person with a cane walks in during the middle of the lesson as if he was lost or searching for something.  No one said anything to him and we just kinda went along with the lesson in hand, as if nothing happened, but it felt very awkward.  You wanted to help the guy out, but you also didn’t want to embarrass him in front of a crowd as well.

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  1. LittlePastor says:

    I need to start more statements with the words. “Now, Therefore, I….”

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