What Celebrity Do You Most Resemble? REVISITED

Back in December 2005, I uploaded a picture of myself with short hair (and probably 1-15 lbs lighter) to see what celebrities I most resembled, and these were my results:

56% Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski
49% Shimon Peres
43% Serge Gainsbourg
41% Jackie Chan
38% Jerry Seinfeld
39% Albert Einstein
38% Mark Hamill
34% Martin Luther King Jr

So I decided to try it with an updated picture with long unmanaged hair, and here are the new results:


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3 Responses to What Celebrity Do You Most Resemble? REVISITED

  1. Amanda says:

    wow Geeding I wish my hair grew that fast in less than a year! What’s your secret???? hahaha

  2. I would say brendon frasier… hey what ever happened to him?

  3. Doug says:

    10 years ago with longer hair I got Fabio (8 times in one day at the Byron Nelson). That got really old since he was not smart or talented in any perceivable way. Hair is Brendon Fraiser length now but not sure who I look like. Maybe an old Brendon Fraiser. Oh well happens to the best of us.


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