Walk on water

There’s an astonishing art installation right now in London, called Bridge. Michael Cross took a former church and flooded it with water. Sunk beneath the water, a series of stepping stones. Stand at the water’s edge and the first stone rises up out of the depths. Step on that first stone, and the next stone slowly surfaces, one step ahead. Step forward again, and another stone rises up in front of you, while the stone behind sinks away again. It takes 30 steps to make it out to the middle of the lake within the church, another 30 steps to go back the way you came.

Visitors to Bridge (which is part of the London Design Festival) say that participants have widely varying reactions. Some think it’s a wonderful experience, others find the whole thing terrifying. Personally, I don’t know if I’d try it. But I sure would love to see it.



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  1. Doug says:

    I anyone besides me a Criss Angel fan? I loved it when he performed his “walk on water demonstration” at the Alladin Hotel in Vegas.


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