The autopsy of President Abraham Lincoln

abrahamlincoln.gifI found this read interesting, here is an excerpt:

Not finding it readily, we proceeded to remove the entire brain, when, as I was lifting the latter from the cavity of the skull, suddenly the bullet dropped out through my fingers and fell, breaking the solemn silence of the room with its clatter, into an empty basin that was standing beneath. There it lay upon the white china, a little black mass no bigger than the end of my finger—dull, motionless and harmless, yet the cause of such mighty changes in the world’s history as we may perhaps never realize.

Read more here.

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  1. TC says:

    wow that is really well written. It truly is the first time I have heard any reference to an autopsy that sounded like something I might like to read.

  2. TC says:

    oops linked my wrong blog there. that should be this one, my regular blog not my diet blog.

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