Ross Perot – Operation HOTFOOT

Because of wifeGeeding’s aristocratic background, I will be attending an event at the Perot estate in the near future.  I know many folks only remember him as being a Naval Acadamy grad and rich man from Dallas that ran for the presidency, but many may not be aware of him and Operation HOTFOOT.

What is Operation HOTFOOT?  Here’s the short story: 

In 1978 Ross Perot’s company, EDS, was working on a contract with the Irianian government.  Political turmoil ensured, and all but two EDS employees were able to evacuate Tehran.  Perot appealed to both the U.S. and Iranian governments to no avail to get his employees home.  So what did he do?  He put together a rescue sqaud, went into Tehran (himself included), and brought his employees home. 

Read about Operation HOTFOOT here.  I would start on the third paragraph.

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