Got an idea for a Super Bowl commerical?

This fall, you the fans, can pitch us your idea for the best NFL Super Bowl commercial ever. The winning pitch may be produced into a TV commercial that will air during Super Bowl XLI to be seen by millions of people! Plus, we’ll fly you and a friend to South Florida to watch Super Bowl XLI in person! In addition, all fans of the NFL will help determine the winning commercial by voting for their favorite pitch, while also having the opportunity to enter in an additional sweepstakes for a trip for two to Super Bowl XLI in South Florida.


Contestants will be judged on their idea’s originality, how well their pitch is tied to the NFL and on how well the idea translates to television.


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One Response to Got an idea for a Super Bowl commerical?

  1. bryant wilson says:

    commercial starts football players plied on top each other fighting to the top bodies laying all around other bodies of players falling off the top or being toss around like ragdolls finally two team emerge on the top batter and bruised staring at each other there can only be one the SUPER BOWL

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