Danny & Nina

Although we have only been a couple for a little over three years, both of us had already lived in New York City for a good chunk of time when we met. After spending about eight years in Brooklyn, Nina was ready for a change of scenery, and when Danny moved on from a very demanding job the timing was perfect for a relocation.

Unfortunately, we had trouble deciding on where exactly we should move, not because we couldn’t think of any places we would like to live, but because there were too many places we thought we would enjoy. That’s when we had the idea of turning things over to you!

Here is how it works: we’ve compiled a list of 250 towns across the continental United States and we want you to vote for where we should live. You can vote as many times as you’d like for any combination of towns you like. Once a town receives 1,000,000 votes, we are going to move to that town for at least once year. Our lives are literally in your hands.


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2 Responses to Danny & Nina

  1. CowboysHomer says:

    Not much love for Texas. Austin is the only Texas city on their list with 674 votes.

  2. Doug says:

    Denton made it too but why? It seems to me college towns are popular. My vote went to Austin though. Gotta give props to the city even though it’s not nearly as nice as it used to be. A bit to large now.

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