CIA Personality Quiz

ciaseal.jpegTurns out I’m a Curious Adventurer.

You can take the quiz here, and after you get your results, you can read about five popular CIA myths:

Myth 1-You’ll Never See Your Family and Friends Again.

Myth 2-Everyone Drives a Sports Car with Machine Guns in the Tailpipes.

Myth 3-You Have to be Superhuman in Every Way.

Myth 4-A Glamorous Lifestyle Awaits You.

Myth 5-Hardly Anyone Ever Makes it Through the Background Check.

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2 Responses to CIA Personality Quiz

  1. Doug says:

    I’m a curious adventurer. If that’s true why didn’t I go to Vegas instead of Keith.

  2. Trinity13 says:

    I’m a thoughtful observer…does that mean I’m lazy?

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