Blue Man Group

bmgroup.jpegI was lucky enough to get some free tickets from a very good friend to see the Blue man Group in Dallas this weekend.  If you remember, I saw them in Vegas about three weeks ago, which lead me to this question:

Are there only three of them or are there more?

Here’s the answer from their website:

There are close to 60 Blue Men working within the company and rotating through the shows right now.

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2 Responses to Blue Man Group

  1. I wish they still did those commercials.

  2. Doug says:

    Yeah Keith, the way it used to be is the original 3 Blue Men toured. So you saw those guys in Dallas. The other troops stay put in Vegas, NY, London, wherever. It’s really genius. They have created an entertaining act that they can clone as many times as they like.

    Here, another amazing act that cloned itself.

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a beautiful touching story about God sending his smallest angel to earth on Christmas Eve on the 2000 anniversary of his son’s birth to find what’s good about the world. Tickets for Dallas went on sale this week.

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