Baby Boomer Death Counter (USA)

Where the 1960’s were the summer of love, the 2060’s will the summer of pushing up daisies for the last of the Boomers!


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3 Responses to Baby Boomer Death Counter (USA)

  1. Doug says:

    We went with Gabriel and he has been an angel to date. Get back to me when he learns about girls.

  2. Doug says:

    OK that got posted under the wrong article. Weird.

  3. Barry says:

    I predict that most of the early baby boomers 1945-1958 will be gone relatively early. When you consider that many of them are seriously ill now with cancer and heart disease I would be very surprised if many make 2060. The early ones born in the forties experienced a lot of hardship, rationing was still in force and childhood disease was crippling with Polio still rampant. Rheumatic fever still caused childhood heart disease and remember that no body advised them against smoking or measured their cholesterol. I think it's sad that there should be so much hatred directed toward a group of people born over such an extended period of time and even worse is the fact that the good done by this so called 'generation' in seeking equality for women gays and ethnic minorities plus their efforts on the peace front are no completely forgotten.

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