Turn off the mic when you go to the bathroom

cnn.jpgThere was this great scene in The Naked Gun that had Lt Frank Drebbing giving a speech and then heading to the restroom with the mic still on, the crowd hearing every little thing, and nothing but hilarity ensues.

Well, turns out CNN anchor Kyra Phillips did the same thing.  You don’t hear anything but conversation about guys (go figure), but it’s still pretty amusing something like this would happen on a national level.

View the video and read a partial transcript here.


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2 Responses to Turn off the mic when you go to the bathroom

  1. Well–Kyra Phillips certaily has more intersting and informative things to say, even when visiting the ‘loo, than President Chimpy ever does.

    I suggest that CNN insititute a policy of over-dubbing Dubya’s speeches with more interesting stuff; Lewis Black comedy routines, clips of Masaharu Morimoto cooking, old Jefferson Airplane concert footage–whatever….it would make the final two years of the Bush Fiasco pass less painfully and we at least won’t have to feel like we need a steaming shower and a scrub with steel wool after listening to Mr. Bush lie repeatedly to us, thinking smirkily that we believe him.

  2. TC says:

    LOL! that is too funny!

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