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Whale of a time

What do you do when a whale washes ashore? You blow it up with dynomite. Watch the video here. The explosion occurs around the 1:55 mark. Below is a small story about the blast. 

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Toilet mad out of stone

Only $2850! Buy one here.

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Pug dogs dressed as famous people

More pictures here.


John Cusack in the Rain

His contract must stipulate that there be a rain scene. Watch the video here.

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UsedFAQ’s – A Random Roundup of Frequently Asked Questions. This site is higly addictive. For instance, I learned the answers to the following questions: What is the meaning of the song Daniel? Can I Breastfeed My Adopted Baby?

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Jeremy Piven vs Billy Bush

I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t stand Billy Bush. Video

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I wouldn’t want to lose my job this way

RadioShack slashes 403 jobs via e-mail FORT WORTH — About 400 RadioShack Corp. headquarters employees received an e-mail this morning notifying them that they had been let go, effective today, as new Chairman and Chief Executive Julian Day seeks to … Continue reading

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Turn off the mic when you go to the bathroom

There was this great scene in The Naked Gun that had Lt Frank Drebbing giving a speech and then heading to the restroom with the mic still on, the crowd hearing every little thing, and nothing but hilarity ensues. Well, turns … Continue reading