Whale of a time

PDcapture1.jpgWhat do you do when a whale washes ashore?

You blow it up with dynomite.

Watch the video here.

The explosion occurs around the 1:55 mark.

Below is a small story about the blast. 

The resulting explosion was caught on film by television photographer Doug Brazil for a story reported by news reporter Paul Linnman for KATU-TV in Portland, OR. In his voiceover, Linnman joked that “land-lubber newsmen” became “land-blubber newsmen”, for “the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds.”The explosion caused large pieces of blubber to land quite some distance away from the beach, resulting in a smashed car. The explosion did not disintegrate most of the whale, which remained on the beach for the Oregon Highway Division workers to clear away.


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