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Dear Baggy –

I haven’t seen the LittlePastor make a comment on BON in a while, and I think I put it all together …  Is he Terry Hornbuckle by chance?


Dear Jessie –

I have to admit your email had me laughing pretty hard, but no, the LittlePastor is not Terry Hornbuckle.  I don’t know the guy personally, and I actually have never seen him, but if you are interesting in his musings, then check out his blog.  The link should be on the sidebar.

Yours truely,
Keith ‘BagOfNothing’ Geeding


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2 Responses to Recent Email

  1. LittlePastor says:

    Terry Hornbuckle? I’ve just been on vacation! I have no sexual indiscretions pending in the local court system; in fact I have no sexual indiscretions.

  2. Beth says:

    Really sorry your Mom is ill. Will say a prayer for her. As far as your blog, im guessing your audience won’t notice since you are above average in the number of posts you make, which puts you in a category not to be judged…


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