Weekend In Review

This post might get kind of lengthly, so I had to divvy it up:

  • I value my sleep, I mean I really really value my sleep.  So when I knew I had to wake up somewhat early on a Saturday morning to participate at a service project at church I wasn’t that excited; but it turned out that my little sacrifice certainly warmed my spirit.

    My church is actually in a pretty nice neighborhood, but is good at reaching out to other communities.  This time we teamed up with a Cornerstone Baptist Church in Dallas right around MLK and Malcolm X Blvd to assist some of their congregation.  There are a lot of jokes around here about that area of town regarding the minorities and the safety of the neighborhood - I guess you can call it ‘the hood.’  But this was my little non-important observation:  it reminded me a lot of the neighborhoods I grew up in Mineral Wells.  The houses were dated, but most maintained a pleasant appeal.  Heck, everything was dated from the schools to the stores, but I found people that were open to talking to one another.  I/we stereotype too damn much.

    The owner of the house we worked on was about to turn 96 years old.  She had a cross in her backyard, which I thought was pretty cool, then it hit me – it wasn’t a cross but a clothes line.  Man, how have I forgotton my roots!

    I also saw another person in a wheelchair come by and ask if it was possible for us to work on her house.  It was then that I learned that once you actually go outside of the church, that is when you start to reach people. 

    If you want to view some pictures I took of this event, you can view them here.

  • WifeGeeding ‘demanded’ new flooring for GeedingManor, and thus it was so.  Who installed them?  Well, I’m ‘working’ on the tile part, but all the wood and carpet was done by professionals.  Who were the professionals?  Well, no other than hispanic men who could only speak a few english phrases.

    It was humbling to see these men work, and take so much pride in doing so.  For two straight days they worked from 8-6, for who knows, a salary I would probably scoff at.  I work in an air-conditioned building in front of a PC and feel like I’m underpaid.  These guys were working their rears off actually doing physical labor, yet they are making the most out of this opportunity to provide for their familiy - which I’m sure they hardly have time to spend time with.  America, the land of opportunity and dreams.  I think we shouldn’t hoard this opportunity or dream from anyone, but I also don’t have the right answer in how to do this.

    I still feel like folks should be able to speak english if they want to live here.  If my mother could do it, I know others can.  And speaking of my mother, her servant’s heart is still beating strong.  I can remember as a kid when we would have workers at our house from time to time, and she would make me go out there and give them water.  She stayed true and made me do the same for these men this time around.  I may be paying them for a service, but I can still serve them.  Much thanks to MomGeeding for the lesson and reminder.

  • 66% or 2 out of 3 times 2

    I have been to three weddings within a month’s time, and two out of the three grooms cried.  In a way I want to say it was such a touching thing to see a man love a woman so much, but then again I also wanted to be Marlon Brando as the Godfather and slap these men like he did to Johnny Fontane and say “You can act like a man, what’s a matter with you!”

    Two of these weddings had a reception OUTDOORS!  This should be an unwritten rule, but if you live in Texas and you plan an event in the summer in which people actually dress up and wear a suit, the event needs to be indoors.  I’m fat, hardly works out, and don’t eat healthy - sweating in a suit will only make wifeGeeding into widowGeeding much faster.

    One more observation, the bride and groom arived to this music which I thought was kinda cool.  Well, without the Stars Wars part.  The wedding before the bride and groom arrived to Clocks by Coldplay.

    Also, when you are hot and not really enjoying yourself because there isn’t a place to sit, a phone call from a friend you haven’t heard from in seven years was perfect timing.

  • When in Waco I saw a McDonalds advertise a chicken biscuit.  I remember Whataburger started to sell one, but I wasn’t impressed.  Personally no one can top Chick-Fil-A in this category.  Also, I have not seen any McDonalds advertise any chicken biscuit in the DFW area.
  • I have rediscovered the $0.99 Breakfast Jack at Jack-in-the-Box.  Remember, breakfast is served all day.  I also discovered that they sell a Meaty Breakfast Burrito that consists of the following:

    Flour tortilla
    Scrambled eggs
    Ham, sliced
    Sausage crumbles
    Cheddar cheese, shredded
    Pepper Jack cheese, shredded
    Bacon slices
    Butter flavored vegetable shortening

    And what do you know, as I visited their website to find out that information, it turns out they now sell a chicken biscuit.  Interesing.

  • An observation about our local sports media and Jerry Jones.  The NFL has this new rule that local media can no longer film on the sidelines.  I noticed that Jerry Jones was a guest on Fox, NBC, and ABC.  For some reason CBS was left out.  Mike Duecey of Fox and Dale Hanson of ABC both tore into Jones a little bit about this, but of course the local NBC affiliate sucks at sports and basically just kissed Jerry’s butt the whole time.  I’m kinda split on what sports cast I like, but I certainly know I don’t enjoy watching the local NBC affiliate.
  • Someone made the comment that it took a legendary coach like Pat Riley many years to win another title, and it could work out for Parcells this year.  Initially I liked this thought.  Great coaches of the 80’s winning titles in the otts, but then I realized if this trend works, Joe Gibbs may be the one winning a title . . . gulp
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4 Responses to Weekend In Review

  1. Nathan says:

    “I still feel like folks should be able to speak english if they want to live here.”

    What is “here”? By this logic, the European settlers should have learned whatever language the Natives were speaking when they arrived. …Do you know what tribe inhabited the land is now your town? English is not native to “here.”

  2. Geeding says:

    I appreciate your thoughts my friend, but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree.

    I always felt we should have called the European settlers the European conquerors, as they forcefully overtook this land from the Natives. But my main reasoning would be this . . . If I left for Germany because I thought I could have a better life and support my family better, I wouldn’t expect the Germans to cater to my needs. I would take it upon my self to learn their language so I can function in their society.

    My mother had to flee from Vietnam to ‘here’ because the communist overtook the government. In order to function in this society, she took it upon herself to learn the prevelant language. If she can do it, I know others can.

    As I mentioned, I don’t have the answer, but I do have my opinion. Not saying either of us are right or wrong, but I just wanted to provide you a reason on how I formulated my opinion. It all comes from my family background and of course living fairly close to the Mexican border.

    I do have a prediction . . . our country will conform to more than one language. The main reason being that major corporations don’t want to miss out on customers that do not speak english, which is why we have to continue to press 1 for english when we call one of these companies.

  3. littlepastor says:

    Great that you experienced a ‘different’ part of Ministry in a very different part of Dallas. I work at a church in the not so pleasant area of Pleasant Grove (SE Dallas), and it is so much differnet than the upper-middle class churches I’ve worked in before. The entire philosophy of ministry is different… We have to help congregants attain health care, job placement, drug rehab, prison-ministry follow up, etc, etc, etc…. When I’ve been at more financially prosperous congregations, it was more about leadership principles, and teaching, teaching, teaching.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a middle ground??

  4. Bronson says:

    I have comments for all of your thoughts.
    I can handle waking up early these days, I guess its because of have jobs that required me to be at work by 5 a.m. At first I didn’t like the idea of waking up before the sun was able to be seen. However with this texas heat I find it very comforting to be at work by 5 and out of work by 1:30, home by 2 for a good lunch then from 3 to 5 sleep. This way I am awake at the coolest parts of the day instead burning off insulation “in the heat” from my body which I will need when winter comes.
    Now for everyone should speak english here in the states I strongly agree. I knew there would be comments as to the natives being the origanal orgins to inhabit this land. If I am not mistaken that was not your point. That is true they were here first however they were kicked out and the land became American and the language is english. If they plan to live here they should not expect the whole country to change its language to accommodate that person or culture. Now if we accommodate one culture then we should do it to all of them because americans are made of all races. Meaning schools would have to start teaching all languages not by choice. Not a bad idea?!
    Anyone who is thinking of getting married outside in Texas is out of there freaking mind. It so hot outside, thats why when I get married it going to be at the beach bar b que pit going and just party after the wedding ceremony. That would be the perfect world, but I know I am just dreaming about that.
    Chicken biscuit is just nasty and should of never been thought up. And as far as the NFL goes, its all about the Cowboys. If the offensive line can protect Drew, and create lanes for Julius Jones then I see Superbowl.

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