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How to send your cremated loved one away

If you’ve chosen cremation over burial, then the Eternal Ascent Society can provide a most memorable form of closure.Your loved one or pet can now be safely transported to the heavens in a giant helium-filled balloon, only from the Eternal … Continue reading


If you like puppies

then The Daily Puppy might be for you.

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Bowling Mishap

I’m sure his ego hurts more than his body. Watch the video here.  

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Shark goes airborn

Watch the video here.

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Baby Tooth Bank

AUSTIN, Texas — There’s a new high-tech version of the tooth fairy, but some scientists aren’t ready to bite. Austin-based start-up company BioEden has opened the nation’s first baby tooth bank, which harvests and freezes stem cells from a tooth’s … Continue reading

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If you are looking for a fantastic fun day out for all the Family, Diggerland is a unique adventure park where children and adults can drive real diggers and so much more. Link

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Classic Commercial

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop ?? The world may never know.  Link

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Ever wondered what the AOL “You’ve Got Mail!” guy looks like?


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