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What Superhero are you?

Find out here. Here are my results:


It’s a photo finish

For some reason I was really interested in what my viewership thought of my latest poll, and was quite surprised at the outcome.  I was expecting for a clear cut winner, but after three business days of voting, Keira Knightley … Continue reading


Football Season Is Almost Here

Please consider joining the BagOfNothing Fantasy Football League  


Interesting Stats

Found these screen grabs off ABC World News Tonight from Skattershooting.  Not trying to send out a message, but just found the stats surprising and interesting.   

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In case you ever wanted to drive someone nuts

The Mind Molester Just connect this device to a 9-volt battery and plant it in an appropriate location. It produces a one-second electronic chirp about once every 3 minutes.

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Top overall searches at Yahoo!

I don’t know why, but this kind of stuff always interest me.


Equalizer Ladder – Eliminates uneven ground

Product info here.

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Video Game Cakes

See more here.

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