It’s a photo finish

For some reason I was really interested in what my viewership thought of my latest poll, and was quite surprised at the outcome.  I was expecting for a clear cut winner, but after three business days of voting, Keira Knightley wins.  I was also surprised some folks didn’t know any of these women.  Huh, well to the next poll I guess.



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4 Responses to It’s a photo finish

  1. Trinity13 says:

    I love Natalie…short haircut and all!

  2. TC says:

    I like Kate but dh says that neither one of them is his type. He’s more of an Angelina type guy.

  3. KL says:

    All very interesting as Keira and Natalie really look EXACTLY ALIKE!!!! Keira played Natalie’s double in the Star Wars movie and even their moms couldn’t tell them apart though there is like five years of difference in their ages.
    Kate is clearly the most beautiful.

  4. zac says:

    didn’t get a chance to vote, but I would have gone with Natalie…

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