Weekend in Review

  • I watched a lot of the HBO series Entourage this weekend.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s about a dude from NYC that makes it big as an actor, he hires his friends for silly jobs such as being his driver, and they all live in LA.  Guys would like this show, and I’ll give fair warning this is certainly not a family show.  I wanted to start from season one, but I accidentally started from season two instead.One of the themes is that he’s getting the covetted role of ‘Aquaman.’  I love how they are pretending that Aquaman is a big time super hero.  I also get a kick out of all the celebrity cameos in which they play themselves.

    One episode involved them wanting to go to a U2 concert at the Staples Center.  When one of the guys opens up the envelope, it turns out to be Clippers tickets. 

  • We have some new neighbors.  One lady of the house is from Canada, and the man of the house is from Mexico.  I think I’ll call them the NAFTA neighbors.
  • I went to wedding this weekend and here are my thoughts:The reception was held at the top floor of the Westin in downtown Dallas.  This was a really pretty scene at night as you can see a lot of the downtown area.  It was an open bar, which isn’t a big deal to me because I don’t really drink at all, but the meal that was served was filet mignon and salmon.  Lets just say they must have spent some serious cash.

    The couples entrace was quite a production.  As the Coldplay song ‘Clocks’ was playing along with a bunch of disco lights shining everywhere, you could hear pre-recorded clips of them telling each other how much they mean to other.  It was a rather impressive entrance.

    At the table wifeGeeding and I sat at, I certainly felt like a loser.  There was a lawyer, a CPA, and a person who owned his own business.  All I had to contribute was a whole BagOfNothing.  Oh, and one of the ladies happens to be Ross Perot’s grandchildren’s nanny.  She gets to travel a lot, a whole lot, and has her own house on his estate.

    I met another lawyer from D.C., but grew up in Boston.  He actually knew my favorite columnist, Bill Simmons, who use to be known as the Boston Sports Guy.  I was told that the Boston folks often laugh at Simmons since he actually grew up in Connecticut.

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2 Responses to Weekend in Review

  1. MToots says:

    May I PLEASE remind you that the lawyer, CPA, business owner, and Ross P’s nanny were sitting at the table w/ a MASTER of electronic business endeavors as well as other business degrees, a college professor, a devoted husband and family man, a follower of Jesus Christ !! Stop selling yourself short…..wifeGeeding did NOT marry a loser!!!!

  2. Trinity13 says:

    Filet mignon at a wedding…sweet!!!

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