Notes from my mini-vacation

  • Remember when I mentioned that I took wifeGeeding to Del Frisco’s for our anniversary?  Turns out they sent us a hand written thank you card for spending our 3rd anniversary with them.  I thought that was pretty impressive, not to mention I never gave them our address.
  • We live on top of a hill and can see the Vista Ridge mall from our house.  The mall had a fireworks show, and we could see it from our front yard.  I’m starting to really enjoy July 4 around here because it’s really the only time everyone in the neighborhood comes out together all at one time, not to mention it was great family time.
  • I had the opportunity to try some Coca-Cola from Mexico.  It tastes a tad different because it has real surgar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  Kinda like the whole Dr Pepper and Dublin Dr Pepper thing.  I prefer the domestic Coke.  I also hear the plant that makes the Coca-Cola with real sugar will soon be making it with HFCS.  In case you are wondering, Coca-Cola is my favorite soft drink.
  • The name of this motel in Haltom City crakced me up, so I had to take a picture.
  • When cleaning out the garage, I came across an old dirty American flag.  The proper way to dispose of a flag is to burn it.  I also know that if one is not comfortable doing so, he or she can turn the flag over to the Boy Scouts or a military recruiting station.  Since I didn’t know where any of these facilities are, I burned the flag myself and felt extremely awkward doing so.
  • I was told that a great place to eat breakfast burritos is Rudy’s BBQ.  The closest one to us is about a 15 minute drive to Denton, TX.  I remember seeing a lot of Rudy’s on my way to San Antonio, but I think this is the only one in North Texas.  I didn’t get there early enough for breakfast, but when I got there for lunch and told the lady behind the counter that this was my first visit, she brought out samples of each meat for me to try – quite impressive!  Extremely tender meat.  You have two kinds of BBQ sauce to use, Sissy Sauce or Regular.  I prefer the Sissy Sauce.  They also have cream corn.  It’s OK, definately not as good as the cream corn at Babe’s.  Also, anytime you see a sign like this you know you are in the right place:
  • It annoys me when I hear people confuse BBQ’s and Cookouts.  If you are cooking burgers and dogs, that is a cookout, not a BBQ.  BBQ’s involve BBQ sauce, it’s that simple.  Jeff Probst does this all the time on Survivor.
  • I got a small article published in our church magazine.
  • I didn’t play enough tennis during my time off.
  • I got a crazy phone call last Sunday.  One of my closest buddies said a deal just kinda fell into his lap regarding an all expense trip to Las Vegas, and he was asking if I could go.  Only problem, the plane was to take off in about an hour and a half and wifeGeeding was in a musical and I couldn’t contact here.  As much as I wanted to go and thankful that he thought of me, I was happy to have a lot of down time.
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  1. I was reading recently that HFCS is the leading cause of obesity. I believe it. I fyou look at people who are over wiehgt they generally drink pop (soda) .

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