Las Vegas mayor suggests medieval stocks for graffiti vandals

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Mayor Oscar Goodman is suggesting a strange, new punishment for graffiti vandals: bind them in a medieval-style stocks and give the public a chance to paint their faces.



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2 Responses to Las Vegas mayor suggests medieval stocks for graffiti vandals

  1. Sex Panther says:

    Giggle. Imagine what drunks on the strip would place on this persons head.

  2. loner says:

    The Mayor has a great way of fixing some of these guys.Let them stand there for a month or more I say.These people just don”t understand how much it cost us to clean that trash off the walls& buildings.Plus if you have young kids you just don’t wan’t them to read all the trash or see the pictures they put out on walls.Here we want to have the court chain then to the walls and buildings and have them clean off all the building for no more than 3 meals aday till they are done even if it takes weeks,and the 2nd time cleaning other buildings and walls say for a few months or a year.Maybe then some with a 1/2 a brain may not do it anymore.

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