I should realized that I have had it pretty easy in life

MIAMI (AP) — A 15-year-old Haitian girl who once suffered from a massive tumor-like growth that had engulfed her face underwent a third surgery that included reconstruction on her eyes, nose and upper lip, a doctor said Friday.  Link


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9 Responses to I should realized that I have had it pretty easy in life

  1. I watched the tv show about this young man. THe surgeon did wonders, but the bad thing is it could grow back.

    Things like this make me puzzled at God.

  2. Mimi says:

    Wow. I’m so glad she is getting help!

  3. Spoiled Princess says:

    Omg Im so glad someone is helping her.I hope she gets better, and safe

  4. Valdenia says:

    I fell so sorry for you and hope that you get better i really wish that this didn't happen to you hey. God bless you and i wish you all the best. if people make fun of you then don't worry because you are still a human being and ignore them. take care.

  5. malia says:

    thanks valdenia

  6. Kay says:

    hmm u hav no idea -__- wow wut a disadvantage

  7. Kahlua says:

    God Is with her. She will get better. Amen

  8. drew peacock says:

    I'd tap dat

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