Aquaman and Ving Rhames

aquaman.jpgOK, I have to admit I’m addicted to watching Entourage.  All I’ve watched is season 2, but for some reason I’m hooked on the show and will have to rent the season 1 DVD’s shortly.

One of the storylines is Vince being the star of the new James Cameron film Aquaman.  I always thought it was funny how Cameron was willing to play and mock himself in this series, and thought the notion of Aquaman being on the same level as Spiderman, Batman, or Superman pretty hilarious.  So for the heck of it, I decided to do a little research on Aquaman.

Turns out that Aquaman was going to be a TV series, something similar to Smallville.  But I was even more surprised that Ving Rhames was going to be a regular on this series.  I think he could do better than a Aquaman TV series on the new CW channel that is replacing the WB, after all he’s Marsellus Wallace!  He character even claims to be from Atlantis. 

The series will never be since it wasn’t picked up, but you can watch a trailer of the show here.  More info on the show here.


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4 Responses to Aquaman and Ving Rhames

  1. TC says:

    That looks like it would have been a fun show!

  2. towski says:

    Aquaman also made an appearence on an episode of Smallville…

  3. Rambling Wanderer says:

    If you really liked season 2 of Entourage, don’t get your hopes too high for season 1. It’s not nearly as good and it will show you the vast improvement of the sophmore run.

  4. Sex Panther says:

    I have to disagree. Season one was fun too. Season 2 an improvement…maybe. But a vast improvement…nah.

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