Latest NYC 9/11 search finds 72 human remains

NEW YORK — New York City officials say a renewed search this year of debris in and around the World Trade Center site has recovered 72 human remains.

The sifting of more than 800 cubic yards of debris recovered from ground zero and underneath roads around the lower Manhattan site began in April and ended Friday.

The greatest number of remains — 37 — were found from material underneath West Street, a highway on the west side of ground zero. The new debris was uncovered as construction work made new parts of the site accessible.

The city began a renewed search for human remains in 2006. More than 1,800 remains have been found.

Some have been matched to previously unidentified Sept. 11 victims.


I find it amazing that the world’s tallest building started construction in 2004 and was completed in January 2010, but there still isn’t a new World Trade Center in NYC.

But then again, I’m amazed they still found human remains after all this time.

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2 Responses to Latest NYC 9/11 search finds 72 human remains

  1. BuriedCaesar says:

    Not surprised it's taking longer than other projects. The contractors and builders for the Burj Dubai complex (wasn't just the building itself – it's all the other stuff built around it, too) didn't have to deal with the New York City building code, and unionized workers, and 9/11 victim's families (and their lawyers), not to mention the occasional discovery of more victim remains.

    • Jevad says:

      And not to make further excuses… but there are more reasons beyond the politics of construction. The WTC site also has 3 different trains running through(Under) – one which is the path train which is connected to a tunnel to NJ. The site is built in a bathtub basin that is a few hundred feet below the surrounding water line (Manhattan is an island), and its a complex of 6 buildings not one (one of which WTC7 has been built and occupied for 5 years now), another is the Path/Subway Station, and also one of the largest underground Bus Stations. Add in the labyrinth of sewers/water/utilities destroyed and having to be rebuilt, and perhaps the design & implementation of the most complex security infrastructure ever required of a site… ever… still being completed. Also mix in that it is now one of the top tourist destinations in the busiest city in the world… and well… Im not surprised its not done.

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