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Must Sue TV

Julie Elgar is a lawyer that keeps a blog that breaks down each episode of the NBC show The Office from a corporate liabilty point of view.  I consider the idea of this blog pure greatness. Read her blog here.

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Bunny Olympics

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Nothing Says I Love You More Than

A Tampon Flower Bouquet – The perfect Valentines Day gift.

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Build Your Own Radio Controlled Lawnmower

Find the instructions here and watch a video of it in action here.

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My Buddy



Like the ubiquitous candy “conversation” hearts, “BitterSweets(tm)” are made of flavored, chalky-tasting sugar and sport a message on their face. But unlike other candy hearts, ours are stamped with bitter musings and mockeries perfectly suited to the dejected spirits of … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Christmas in Compton


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Another Reason Why I Love My Bible Community

Because we watch vidoes like this in our lessons and no one is offended. We are mature and rational enough to discuss the overall point the creators of the video were making.

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Cool Person Test

This test is based on how cool you were in high school.  It shows what crowd you ran with, etc. and is still pretty accurate.  Take the test here. (Thanks, Tracy)


In Honor of Valentines Day

When Harry Met Salley – The Horror Remix  Warning – Some F-bombs are dropped, and of course, you know ‘that scene’ is included.

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Wash With Care

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Above all things, nature calls

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