Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, November 21, 2023

  • Seven United States presidents were born in the state of Ohio. The first of them was Grant. What state produced the most? That would be New York with eight.
  • @KUT – Texas State University in San Marcos will host a presidential debate next fall. It’s the first time a presidential debate has been held in Texas.
  • Lobster is half male, half female, half blue
  • The first time I looked at this, I thought three Panthers were blocking (and holding) Micah Parsons.
  • I got a bill from the city for my first ambulance ride. It was a little over a grand, but the insurance paid about $700 of it, so I’m responsible for the remaining amount. Thank you, COBRA. Now, I can’t help but think of G.I. Joe and Cobra Commander yelling. “Cobra!”. I should get another for my other ambulance ride.
  • I don’t think I told y’all why I rode in an ambulance two times in September. But, maybe one day I will.
  • Hey, let me tell you a story about a guy named Tony.
    • He’s a father of some kiddos in middle school and has been divorced for less than five years. The poor guy has been through a lot. He had three surgeries over the past year and has gone through a contentious divorce, and the mother of his children looks for opportunities to alien keep their children from him, despite him being a good father. However, Tony gets some possession time with the children.
    • He’s had to use a cane or walker for most of the year. His last surgery didn’t go well, and his chronic pain only became worse when the incision from the surgery became badly infected.
    • One night, the pain was very intense. The worst he’s ever experienced. Living alone, he begged God for mercy. Tony was used to suffering from chronic pain, but this pain was so intense, he chose poorly. To ease his pain, he took two or three extra pain pills.
    • When Tony woke up, he was confused and didn’t know where he was. He felt very ill and threw up. The confusion led to fear, and was worried he may have done something to hurt himself. He wasn’t sure who to contact for help, but he knew he needed it. He didn’t recognize several contacts in his phone but noticed he called his rabbi recently, so he called him.
    • When the rabbi answered, Tony had a very hard time putting together words. He’s not 100% sure what he said to his rabbi, it was something like, “I think I may have tried to kill myself.” The rabbi was immediately concerned and called an ambulance because he’s a responsible person.
    • Shortly, paramedics arrived at Tony’s house. Thankfully, his cats didn’t get out. The fog was wearing off, and Tony could recall a few things. One paramedic asked Tony what happened. He was searching for words, and in a long-winded fashion, told them about his surgical history and said something about taking too many pain pills the previous night. The paramedic followed up, asking Tony if he tried to harm or kill himself. All Tony could say was that he didn’t think so. They then took him to the hospital.
    • In the ambulance, Tony texted his buddy Mick. Mick replied he was on the way. As Mick was driving, he thought about how Tony didn’t have any family in the area. He felt the proper thing to do would be to contact the mother of Tony’s children. Mick told the mother that Tony overdosed on pain medication, in an ambulance, and was being taken to a hospital. And that’s when things really started to get bad.

      That’s enough about Tony for now. I’ll tell you more about him some other time.

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