Bag of Randomness for Thursday, November 16, 2023

  • I’m not a fan of dating apps, but it’s not like a
    A ‘B’ in math isn’t what it used to beTo mark your child’s progress, look beyond their grades, report urges parents
    • The bottom line: Parents need to be aware that grading has changed dramatically since their school days and may need to view a B grade as a call to find out more by seeking out other sources of information – like ongoing feedback from their child’s teacher, their own observations, statewide tests and benchmark exams – to determine how their child is performing and to better support their child’s learning, the report says.
  • This is a heck of a headline – A man gave himself poop transplants using his mom’s feces to treat his debilitating Crohn’s. Then he started experiencing her menopause symptoms.
  • Rick Warren Shares What Changed His Mind on Female Pastors
  • At the end of a first date with a lady I wouldn’t mind seeing again, I try to take the pressure off things and eliminate any awkwardness. I tell them if she would like to continue to get to know me, the ball is now in her court. Just follow up with a text or message me, otherwise, it was nice meeting them and I wish them the best in life. I said that to last night’s date, but I’m not sure if she heard me. After she said, “Okay” to acknowledge what I said to her, all she did was ask for my phone number so she could stop messaging me through the dating app.
  • Wall Street Journal video – Inside the Tech Creating the Las Vegas Sphere’s Groundbreaking Visuals
  • U2 Breaks An All-Time Billboard Chart Record With Their New No. 1 Hit
    • “Atomic City” now stands as U2’s fourteenth chart-topping hit on Billboard’s ranking of the tracks that reach the largest audience at radio stations in the U.S. that focus on a format called adult alternative—basically, alternative rock aimed at a more “adult,” or older, audience.

      With another leader to their credit, U2 breaks out of a tie with Coldplay for the most No. 1 hits in the history of the Adult Alternative Airplay chart, according to Billboard.

  • Murder by eye drops – Jessy Kurczewski found guilty on all three charges in Waukesha eye drops homicide trial
    • I didn’t know eye drops were poisonous when ingested orally.
    • Here’s some background:

      Hernan, 62, was found dead in her condo in Pewaukee on Oct. 3, 2018, surrounded by pill bottles. Various medications were found in her system along with tetrahydrozoline, a chemical found in Visine, according to toxicology reports.

      The Waukesha County Medical Examiner determined Hernan was poisoned and labeled the death a homicide. Kurczewski claimed Hernan was suicidal and consumed eye drops with vodka on her own.

      Defense Attorney Donna Kuchler said Hernan’s death was due to a “polydrug overdose” ― a lethal mixture of various drugs in her system ― and not from the tetrahydrozoline.

  • Galveston County treasurer delighted voters just put him out of a jobHank Dugie has now fulfilled a peculiar campaign promise, and he’s freed up to pursue something higher
  • Texas 13-year-old sentenced to prison for murder of Sonic worker
  • Plano ISD may close school buildings, restructure campuses as enrollment dips
    • The data compiled by demographers shows district enrollment dropped by more than 6,000 students over the past 12 years, and several elementary, middle and high school campuses are operating well under their actual capacity, costing the district more money per student.
    • It’s likely fewer families are coming to the district because of the high cost of homes in Plano, Hill said. The study estimates the cost of a home averages about $584,000 on average, with birth rates on the decline. 
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