Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 27, 2023

  • Circa 1985. I was about ten years old and my brother was a varsity football player. For a fundraiser, the football team dressed up as a female drill/cheer team. A lot of them looked like Madea. As a kid, I thought it was hilarious, but was worried that one day I might have to dress like a girl. It happened, though in theater arts class. For a grade, I had to dress and lip-synch to Liza Minnelli’s New York, New York. There’s a videotape of it out there somewhere.  The way things are going in conservative Texas makes me wonder if stuff like that will no longer happen in Texas schools.
  • In the sixth grade, there was a moment I was asked to dress like a girl for an Odyssey of the Mind event. I didn’t know how to say no because all the cute girls in my group thought it was a great idea. One of the many things I feared at the time was being called the three-lettered f-word that rhymes with “bag.” It took confiding in my dad and him talking to the team sponsor for me to get out of that peer-pressured moment.
  • My kids attend a charter school. I have mixed feelings about it, not enough that I want them to continue their education elsewhere. Like most schools, I get text alerts sent to me. What I didn’t like was them giving one to a charter school PAC to keep me up to date on political stuff.
  • A friend could sense I was feeling down the other day and sent this kind text:
    Love many Trust few And Paddle your own canoe
  • Self-help tip of the day – Get grounded with a quick breathing exercise. Turn your right-hand palm up, then trace those fingers with your left pointer, starting at your right pinky. Breathe in as you trace upward and exhale as you trace down.
  • I received the following email from Etsy. Why just discriminate against fathers? Why can’t I opt out of Mother’s Day emails? My mother is deceased and my ex doesn’t want me to get her anything because of the boundaries she’s drawn.
  • Daylight come and we want go home
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