Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, February 15, 2023

  • BoyGeeding handed me a Valentine yesterday. With it, he said, “No matter what people are doing, no matter where they are, they will love you.” I opened it up, and it was signed by my mother. I noticed her handwriting instantly, but she died back in 2006. Apparently, the ex found it in some stuff and gave it to our son to give to me. But, my son thought it would be more appropriate to give it to me on Valentine’s day.  What’s interesting is that I don’t recall my mother making a point to give me anything for Valentine’s. Heck, that may be the sole valentine she ever gave me.
  • I made a simple request of my ex concerning the kids, and told her all she needed to do was reply back with yes or no, that no explanation was needed. I had a feeling that she would say no, but figured there would be no harm in asking. As expected, she denied my request, but wrote she first spoke to her lawyer and CPA. Knowing one of them may have billed her for something so small is a small victory.
  • Texas Monthly – The Campaign to Sabotage Texas’s Public Schools – What seems like an outbreak of local skirmishes is part of a decades-long push to privatize the education system.
  • The Satanic Temple to open free abortion clinic in New Mexico
    • The Satanic Temple, a political activist group known for protesting religious symbolism in public spaces, has announced that it will be opening a free abortion clinic in New Mexico offering prescriptions for drugs that cause abortion.
  • Oklahoma cockfighting industry says criminal penalties are too steep
  • A mentally ill man who froze to death while in police custody “likely” lost his life after being left in an Alabama jail’s freezer for hours, a lawsuit alleges.




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