Bag of Randomness for Thursday, February 16, 2023

  • Today is BoyGeeding’s 11th birthday. He says he doesn’t really enjoy his birthday anymore because of what happened during his ninth birthday. There are some things a son is only comfortable sharing with his dad, and he can’t bring himself to talk to his mother about how it all went down. You may recall that my ex ran off with the kids and then, for four straight nights, prevented me from contacting our children. She only relented on our son’s ninth birthday, and only allotted him a five-minute speakerphone call with me. My boy retold that story, but this time mentioned how weird the call was, talking to his dad for only five minutes after four nights of no contact.
  • I remember my former MIL texting me that if that call went well, then I might be able to talk to them more later that evening. I complied with their demands, but that second call never happened. Nothing but empty promises from then on out.
  • One thing I miss doing is talking joyfully, reminiscing about BoyGeeding’s birth to his mother. It sucks to have memories and no one to share them with.
  • This makes me happy as a short-range electric car owner, and should have been done years ago – Tesla will open charging network to other EVs – The company will make at least 7,500 chargers nationwide available by the end of next year.
  • I love me some Hutchins Barbeque, but hate that there’s a family feud going on –  Hutchins Barbeque owner sues dad and brother over name of new North Texas restaurantRestaurateurs in McKinney and Frisco say a new Hutchins is not affiliated — even though they’re family.
  • Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson is releasing a new graphic novel.
  • People with social anxiety tend to engage in restrictive “safety behaviors” that make them less likable, study finds
    • So, people with social anxiety feel anxious sharing information about themselves because they feel like they’ll be judged harshly for it (presumably because they judge their own behavior harshly), so they hide under a layer of rehearsal. Meanwhile, on the other side, participants felt that the people with social anxiety were being disingenuous and thus were less likable.
  • I bet Texas is upset we didn’t think of it first – Seven states push to require ID for watching porn onlineOpponents say laws preventing underage porn access are vague, pose privacy risks.
    • Last month, Louisiana became the first state to require an ID from residents to access pornography online. Since then, seven states have rushed to follow in Louisiana’s footsteps. According to a tracker from Free Speech Coalition, Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, and West Virginia introduced similar laws, and laws in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Virginia are seemingly closest to passing.



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