Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 25, 2023

  • Interesting words from Pastor Andy Stanley It rocked Christians on social media, though leading with love and grace shouldn’t rock anyone. One would have to have a hard heart to disagree with him on this, especially as delicately as he stated it. Swap “gay” for “Democrat” and that’s exactly how I felt in the Baptist and evangelical church. Heck, it forced me out of those churches as I felt I was always walking on eggshells. And, it was how I felt every time I interacted with any in-law (except for the gay uncle).
    • A gay person who still wants to attend church after the way they’ve been treated… I’m telling you, they have more faith than I do.
    • “I may not be accepted here, but I’m going to try it anyway. Have you ever done that as a straight person.”
    • Where do you go that you are not sure you are going to be accepted and you go over, and over, and over, and over. Only your in-laws and that’s because you have to.
      • That’s the truth, and thankfully those toxic people are out of my life.
    • ‘What environment do you continue to step in knowing that at any moment you my be ostracized. No place.
    • The gay men and women who grew up in church, the gay men and women who have come to faith in Christ as adults, who want to participate in our church. A gay man or woman who wants to worship their heavenly father, who did not answer the cry of their heart when they were young, God said no. And they still love God.”
    • We have some things to learn from a group of men and women who love Jesus that much and want to worship with us.
  • That Burger King jingle is in everything I watch.
  • Interesting nugget when looking back on the Cowboys season. Zeke, Tony Pollard and Malik Davis all finished the year with no fumbles.
  • I’m willing to bet the house that I no longer own that Jimmy Carter doesn’t have any classified documents in any of his residences.
  • I wish all firearms and bullets were only available through Ticketmaster.
  • Texas State employees call for their piece of the budget surplus after years without raises
  • Microsoft’s Changes to Xbox Console Leave Republicans OutragedMicrosoft has announced changes to its Xbox console settings that is to allow users to save more energy and reduce the carbon impact of their gaming. But this has been read (or misread) by Republican representatives and organizations as the “woke brigade” wanting to “take your Xbox.”
  • Philly Is So Desperate for Lifeguards That It’s Recruiting People Who Can’t Swim
  • How to Delete Your House’s Pictures From Sites Like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor
  • Here are the numbers for Texas – Income Needed to Be in the Top 1% by State
    Top 1% Floor: $641.4K
    Top 5% Floor: $258.4K




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