Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 12, 2023

  • I don’t gamble or keep up with betting, and I don’t judge those who do. But I was shocked to learn you can now buy Texas Lottery tickets on your phone. I thought in conservative Texas, there would be some sort of protective barrier to prevent gambling addiction. It’s interesting how we can buy lottery tickets online but can’t buy alcohol on a Sunday before noon.
  • The new term “natty” for national championship drives me batty.
  • I keep thinking about this snippet from Bono’s book I’ve been reading, “My father told me in those final days that when accepting his cancers, he’d lost his faith, but he also told me that I should never lose mine.”
  • TCU is having a tough week when it comes to men’s sports. Last night I had the TCU and Texas basketball game on in the background as I read my Bono book. TCU had Texas’ number for most of the game (they led by 18), and almost pulled off the upset until the Longhorns came back.
  • Trail of blood outside New Mexico home leads to Bengal tiger
  • In the Next Pandemic, Let’s Pay People to Get VaccinatedData from Sweden and the US suggests cash incentives increase uptake without denting people’s trust in vaccines or future willingness to get them.



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