Bag of Randomness for Friday, January 13, 2023

  • I found a Venmo debit card outside my front door.  I’m not sure how to find or return it to its rightful owner. There is a name on the back, so I put in a payment request of one dollar and wrote a message that I found their card and if they want it back can contact me via text, and left my phone number.
  • One time when I was a teen, Dad needed some cash and asked me to go to the ATM for him. When I got to the machine, I couldn’t insert my father’s ATM card (different from a debit card if you can remember) because another card was inserted. I eventually got the card out, took it home, and looked up the owner in the phone book. Her card was returned in less than an hour. That’s how I took care of that situation way back when.
  • The Stars played in New York last night. I noticed the advertisements on the rink boards where geared for the Dallas market. I bet one day in the future, those advertisement will be curtailed to either our viewing habits or browser history. The Rangers scored on a true buzzer-beater to send the game into OT, which they ended up winning.
  • There was some point I combed or brushed my hair for the very last time but didn’t realized it would be the last.
  • Elvis lived 42 years, a hard 42. Lisa Marie lived 54 years, and that was a very hard 54. Let the conspiracy theories begin. Poor Priscilla, she not only divorced and buried Elvis, their daughter, but also their grandson.
  • Imagine if Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson had a child, and that child being the heir to both the Jackson and Presley estates.
  • I’m assuming Lisa Marie will be buried at Graceland. I wonder if that is where Priscilla will lie. That’s where Elvis’ grandson is buried and he died in 2020. By the look of things, there’s not much room for other folks to be buried there, but all the Presleys aren’t buried right together.
    • Keough’s grave is located on the opposite end of his grandfather’s, across the garden fountain. In addition, Elvis’ grave is located between his grandmother Minnie and father Vernon. In contrast to other Presley family members buried there, Keough’s grave is a chest tomb.
  • Sometimes people refer to Elvis as the Young Elvis or the Old Elvis. I’m now older than Elvis has ever lived, and I don’t consider the early forties to be old.
  • It’s easy to think of Elvis as some sort of caricature or Halloween costume, but he was actually a son, husband, father; he was human as human could be. Seeing him portrayed seriously on film must have been emotional for Priscilla and Lisa Marie.
  • Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) might be the prettiest woman in Congress right now. As a Georgia Bulldog, she’s probably having a good week. In 1999 she became the first woman to graduate from The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets program, which is mighty impressive.
  • Neurapix Learns Your Photo Style and Can Edit 600 Images a Minute
    • With the emergence of AI, hiring a professional photographer or videographer to edit photos and videos could soon become a thing of the past.
  • Exxon accurately predicted global warming from 1970s – but continued to cast doubt on climate science, new report finds
  • Demi Lovato poster banned by advertising regulator for being offensive to ChristiansThe poster featured an image of the album cover under the headline “HOLY FVCK,” which is also the name of the album. The image showed Lovato sprawled across a large cushioned crucifix in a leather bondage-style outfit.











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