Bag of Randomness for December 16, 2022

  • It’s been interesting watching the Harry and Meghan Netflix special. I’m proud of Meghan for talking about her struggles or challenges with ending her life. It takes courage to talk about that stuff, and I’m proud of her husband for the support he’s given her. When I let down my guard and talked to my spouse about my challenges and struggles, thinking the world would be better off without me, she used it against me to take our kids away from me. Right when I needed her most, she abandoned me. So much for better or worse, or death do us part. Yes, I’m still hurt by the betrayal and I’m still healing from it. What happened didn’t just affect me, it affected everyone in my immediate family, which is no no more.
  • But don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for where I am right now. Especially compared to a year ago when I was facing paralysis. I’ll expand on those thoughts next week.
  • William Randolf Hearst had the news papers. Jeff Bezos has The Washington Post, not to mention Elon Musk has Twitter. Rich people like to control the narrative.
  • “Don’t get angry. Be silent. Avoid regret.”
  • Bono, The Edge, and David Letterman were all spotted together at a pub. Sounds like a joke, but it’s true.
  • Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee Introduces Bill to Outlaw All Porn Nationwide
    • Lee’s bill aims “to establish a national definition of obscenity that would apply to obscene content transmitted via interstate or foreign communications.” According to Lee’s office statement, the Utah senator believes that since “obscenity is not protected under the First Amendment and is prohibited from interstate or foreign transmission,” it is time to review the standards set in 1973 that eventually have allowed for the production and distribution of sexual content to be legal in the United States. According to Lee, “the Supreme Court has struggled to define obscenity, and its current definition under the ‘Miller Test’ runs into serious challenges when applied to the internet.’
  • Oregon’s LGBTQ community worries that a new law will keep them from obtaining guns
    • The law, Measure 114, grants county sheriffs and police chiefs discretion to determine who qualifies to purchase a firearm under a new permit-to-purchase program. But Measure 114 lacks criteria clearly defining what disqualifies applicants, details on what makes someone a threat and what data can be used by law enforcement in making that decision. That’s a problem for activists who have critiqued law enforcement, particularly in the racial justice protests that took place over the past two years.
  • Child marriage is still legal in Michigan as fight continues to change the law
    • The age minimum for getting married in Michigan may shock you. Technically it is age zero. There is no minimum under the law.
  • South Korea enacts law that will make the entire population younger in 2023
    • The National Assembly has decided to do away with the traditional method of calculating age, by which babies are born one year old, to standardize the country’s legal and administrative system
  • Soft on crime – ‘Grinch’ hands out onions, instead of tickets, to drivers speeding in school zone
    • Several motorists who were speeding through an elementary school zone on the Florida Keys Overseas Highway received an odorous onion as a reminder to slow down from a county sheriff’s deputy dressed as the Grinch.
  • News from India – Murdered’ Woman Detained, Husband Was In Jail For ‘Killing’ Her
  • Beyond parody.

  • Be sure to watch the whole clip, it’s worth it.

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